dysautomiaWelcome to the Dysautonomia Support Network
The Dysautonomia Support Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to dysautonomia suffers and their supporters. Our mission is to provide a safe area for those affected by all types of dysautonomia to connect. Every penny we receive is donated directly to research of these conditions in hopes of discovering any new information that may lead to improvements in medical treatment and eventually a cure! 
Please join us in the fight and help us get the word out! We can get the word out by writing our state representatives. Contact information for house members can be found at or write your Senator at Congress has ignored this problem for far too long and members of Congress only understand one thing, pressure. If we all write to our Representatives each week, each month until they respond and allocate some money to research for this. We should dedicate a week to do nothing but promote this problem with our Representatives. For some of us, research is a race around the clock. 
For those of us with Shy-Drager this is known all too much. The only answer is more research, more funding, more awareness and more education. We can not do this alone, we can not raise enough money, it will never be enough, but together we can make a difference. We can not change those things that we have not tried to change.